Manual Doors

Our satisfied clients can be found throughout East Anglia, including Norwich, Southwold, and Walberswick.

Safety and Security is the driving force behind our service, and this is nowhere more evident than with our installation of manual doors. We source only the highest quality doors and stress test each of them before installation to ensure complete security for your commercial or residential space.

Our manual doors are selected not only for their security, but also their ease of use. With tough, hard-wearing hinges, steel frames, and tempered glass, you can be sure that our doors will give you many years of trouble-free use. We offer a full repair and maintenance service for new and existing clients. Should you have any problems with your installation, you can be assured of prompt service. We are a family run company and we pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient service, including after sales.

Our doors can be matched to any style of entrance, from welcoming and residential to professional and slick. We will find the right frame and style to suit your property.

For more information on commercial entrance solutions, visit our sister company website:

CDL Doors